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Decoflame Arch Bio-Ethanol Fireplace - Black
Item#: 3600007

The Decoflame Arch Bio-Ethanol Fireplace is victorious in its ability to blend no matter how confined or commodious your space is.

This fireplace lends a particular touch to any traditional or modern home or office. The Arch will blend in marvelously with your existing decor and furniture. Available in 3 colors.

This fireplace gas a generous 1.5 L stainless steel fuel tank, allowing for a burn time between 4.5 and 6 hours! Create ambiance and warmth with this easy to install unit.


  • No Chimney Required
  • No maintenance
  • Real Flame
  • No Harmful Gasses
  • No Carbon Monoxide
  • No Paper or Wood Required for Lighting
  • No Electricity Required
  • Functions During Power Outages
  • Can be Installed in Nearly Every Room


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