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Decoflame City Bio-Ethanol Fireplace - Black
Item#: 3600001

Bring the heat of the City indoors with the Decoflame City Bio-Ethanol Fireplace.

Decoflame offers bio ethanol decorative fireplaces for environmental warmth all year long. Create a warm ambience in your home with a splendid and top-notch decorative fireplace. This high-quality fireplace is an affordable and simple fireplace alternative that will seamlessly blend atmosphere, design and ecology. These fireplaces are revolutionary, doubly effective and more economic than traditional fireplaces. Decoflame fireplaces are unique on the market since they are made with a double security tank, glass sliding door, an efficient air way, a thermal protective wall and much more. Choose Decoflame and get a decorative fireplace with environmental warmth, perfect for restrained or large spaces such as apartment-condo, town house or at the office.


  • UL Listed in the USA and Canada
  • No Chimney Required
  • No maintenance
  • Real Flame
  • No Harmful Gasses
  • No Carbon Monoxide
  • No Paper or Wood Required for Lighting
  • No Electricity Required
  • Functions During Power Outages
  • Can be Installed in Nearly Every Room


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