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VioFlame Wall Mount Ethanol Fireplace
Item#: 3210003

The VioFlame Wall Mount Ethanol Fireplace is a split style design that can be mounted onto any wall in your home. This fireplace will accent any room you put it in!

Not only does this fireplace look good, it also provides real heat, enough to heat an average size room. This fireplace provides heat and a visual flame effect by utilizing ethanol 'denatured alcohol', a readily available, environmentally safe and renewable fuel. This fireplace heats a room through a radiant heat process. This model is a simple combination of a firebox and burner that heat directly through radiant heat (line of sight). Some convection of the surrounding air takes place but most of the heat generated is exchanged in a radiant form.


  • Wall mount
  • Chrome plated, metal fender
  • Stainless steel burner
  • Stainless steel damper control
  • Hardware pack included
  • Split style, stainless steel reveal


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