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Pine Tree Fire Starter - Unscented - 5 pieces
Item#: 2760021

When it's a chilly day and you want to cozy up with a fire instantly that is the perfect time to use the Pine Tree Fire Starter - Unscented - 5 pieces . These fire starters are fast-lighting, long-burning, eco-friendly and non-ash producing so you can get your fire started right away, every time. These pine tree shaped fire starters are safe to use in your home and outdoors. Made of sawdust and wax, they'll last up 20 minutes.

These fire starters are perfect for camping, hiking or hunting in all types of weather because thye light even when wet or on ice. When you WANT a fire... When you NEED a fire... Use the Pine Tree Fire Starters because:

  • Your firewood is damp
  • You don’t want to split kindling
  • You don’t want to use accelerants
  • You want fires that burn clean
  • You don’t want floating ash
  • You want a good fire fast

Pine Tree Fire Starters are made in Maine with high quality wood from a sustainable forest and specially formulated candle wax. The sawdust is kiln dried; allowing it to burn evenly and fast... it takes about 10 seconds to start a fire and will burn for up to 20 minutes, more than enough time to start any fire even under extreme conditions. That's it, no paper or kindling is needed when using a Pine Tree Fire Starter.

Warning: Never leave any open flame unattended. Keep away from children. These are not candles. Use only in approved fireplace, woodstove or campfire area.


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