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Small Fire Glass - 1/4"

For those who are after an added touch of artistry for their hearth, we provide the finest fire glass on the market. Causing the gas from your burner to flow like an effervescent liquid flame, our one quarter inch fire glass is the standard for filling a fire pit or fireplace. The beginning is simple placement of the glass – the result is a beautiful blaze that will change the way you define fire.

Medium Fire Glass - 1/2"

Ideal for outdoor fire pits, half inch fire glass is just small enough to allow natural gas or propane to flow around it, while still being large enough to resist displacement by the elements. Half inch fire glass also provides an enhanced three dimensional texture to your fire display – while quarter inch fire glass tends to lay flat, half inch fire glass rises and falls on the surface of the glass layer.

Large Fire Glass - 1/2" to 1"

Tempered to resist the intense heat of a gas burning fireplace, our fire glass is an industry standard of glass quality – not only is it guaranteed to not melt, but it won’t produce fumes or soot, either. And at one half to one inch fire glass, the light of the flames will be captured all the brighter, making your fire pop with a different kind of life.

Extra Large Fire Glass - 1" to 2"

Measuring in as the largest fire glass sizing that we supply, one to two inch fire glass is known to offer the deepest hues and most brilliant shades. The time has come to take your fireplace to a level all its own, to pioneer new avenues of aesthetics and beauty, and to step into a world where fire burns with a color and magnitude that was once only a thing of fairytales.

Krystal Fire Glass

Here at Woodland Direct, it’s our philosophy that quality matters most – but we don't think that should mean you have to sacrifice quantity to get it. That’s why we offer our line of Krystal Fire Glass; it’s exclusive, meaning that you won’t find it anywhere else. And since we’re selling it by the pound, you’ll be getting the quality fire glass you deserve at a quantity you can use.

Reflective Fire Glass

By amplifying its natural color, reflective fire glass possesses a mesmerizing quality, causing the flames to dance and glisten around it as the fire burns. Even in daylight, reflective fire glass maintains a glittering shine, with or without the presence of a fire. All of our reflective fire glass types come standard at a quarter inches wide.

Smooth Fire Glass

Due to its unique cut and finish, smooth fire glass magnifies the natural flow of a fire, creating a current of flames that seems to shift like sand and flow like water. Come discover a brand new way of experiencing your fireplace, stepping beyond the boundaries of color and texture, and unfolding a new chapter in your definition of heating and design. Smooth fire glass comes cut at a quarter inches wide.

Lava Rock

Ideal for filling a burner pan or simply laying a foundation for fire glass, lava rock gives a full, robust look to a fireplace or fire pit. Ranging in size from one to three inches, lava rock is far more than decorative – not only is it proven to increase the combustion efficiency of your hearth, it can even act as the main burning component, regardless of other materials.

Fire Balls, Shapes, and Stones

Fashioned from heat resistant ceramic, our vast selection of fire stones, balls, and shapes aren’t painted, but rather colored with environmentally friendly ceramic stain. Because each tint has been set into the ceramic, it can’t burn away or chip off, meaning that your fire will be absolutely as eco-friendly as possible.

Fire Glass Burner Pans

Engineered for natural placement of fire and flame, our extensive selection of fire glass burner pans is the ideal place to find a fit for your new fire glass. Each of our designs runs on natural gas or propane, utilizing either a single or triple burner system – and since you’ll be getting your gas logs and fire glass separate, you are in complete creative control over the way your fire feels, looks, and burns.

Fire Glass Information

The best decision is an educated one. That’s why we’ve put together a learning center that will keep you informed on everything you need to know about fire glass – which kind to buy, how to maintain it, and how much you’ll need. Take a step into our domain, and let us show you just how fire glass can change your fire burning experience.

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