Rasmussen Alterna Vent-Free Hearth Kit - Stainless Steel
Item#: 3204570

The Rasmussen Alterna Vent-Free Hearth Kit - Stainless Steel brings popular modern designed to fireplaces of all types. You can use this burner pan in a wood burning or ventless fireplace and it will burn clean with a louvered opposed port burner. Since there is no vent when using this burner it comes equipped with an oxygen depletion system (ODS).

With three sizes to choose from it will fit any fireplace! You can also choose your control system: manual, remote ready or a variable control. With a manual control you just turn the valve knob to light the burner and to control the flame height. The remote ready control has five wireless control options; an on/off control, thermostat control, wall thermostat control, wall timer or a wall switch. The variable flame control uses a remote to control a motor drive system that turns it on/off and manages the flame height.

The stainless steel chassis provides a contrast to a darkened fireplace whereby the chassis becomes a design element that compliments the objects and flame, giving a more contemporary appearance. This pan is to be used with fireglass so you can create dancing flames across your favorite color of glass and can be used outdoors.


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