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Buying Guide: Fire Glass

Fire glass turns your fire display into a piece of art! At Woodland Direct, we offer a wide variety of fire glass colors and sizes. We encourage you to also visit our Fire Glass Learning Center for additional information on finding the right type of fire glass for your home.

Fire Glass TypesFire Glass Finishes

We offer three unique finishes for our fire glass; tumbled, reflective, smooth.

The industry standard for fire glass is tumbled. Tumbled fire glass is made from a single pane of color infused tempered glass. This pane is shattered and then placed in a rotating bin. After being tumbled for some time the glass is removed and you now have save to handle fire glass. Tumbled fire glass is available in both standard and accent colors. While standard colors make a beautiful addition to your fireplace, the accent colors are deeper and more opaque.

Like tumbled fire glass, reflective glass is produced by shattering a pane of color infused tempered glass. It is also tumbled to remove any sharp edges. Reflective glass has one extra step though. It is polished to give it a mirror like quality. This finish will reflect sunlight in the day time and the flames from your fire at night. Reflective glass adds even more glamor to your fire place.

The final fire glass finish is smooth. Smooth fire glass is new to the market. Rather than taking a pane of tempered glass and shattering it, smooth fire glass is made by producing each "bean" of glass separately. Color infused glass is melted down and formed into individual pieces. Those pieces are then tempered to produce heat resistant fire glass. Smooth fire glass drastically increases the liquid flow effect of the flames under and around the fire glass.

As all of our fire glass is produced to the highest industry standards, you can be assured that our fire glass will never discolor, burn, melt, emit toxic fumes or create soot, ash or smoke.

Heat OutputFire Glass Heat

When deciding between using traditional ceramic log sets, modern ceramic geo-shapes, or fire glass to accent your fireplace or outdoor fire pit, heat radiance is one factor to consider. Because fire glass is transparent, radiant heat can pass through it more easily.This means that fire glass radiates more heat than ceramic logs. Because more heat is flowing from your fireplace you can conserve energy by lowering your btu output. This heat output will be even greater if a burner pan is used(see below).

Burner PanUsing a Burner Pan

While using a burner pan for your fire glass is not required, they are designed for fire glass and will provide a much better flame spread. Burner pans have multiple flame holes creating a much better look for your fire glass. These pans also provide better radiant heat without using more gas. Radiant heat is the delivery of heat directly from the hot surface to the people and objects in the room.

Fill the burner pan with fire glass. Be sure to have at least a 2" depth of fire glass above the gas outlet holes. This will provide the beautiful flickering effect fire glass flames usually display.

Using Fire Glass

Tempered fire glass is recommended for gas fireplaces, fire pits, fire tables and gas fire pans. However, you can get creative with fire glass and use it for aquariums, landscaping, terrazzo flooring, indoor/outdoor decor and mosaic cement counter tops. The design options with fire glass are endless and with all of the color options you can create any design with the colors of your liking.

  • Aquariums: Accent your fishes' home with fire glass, which makes a superb aquarium gravel while looking good. The translucence of the glass lends itself to different lighting. The glass is inert and beneficial bacteria grow within the glass the same way traditional gravel does.
  • Landscaping: Rather than bark mulch, fire glass can provide a striking groundcover. There are a rainbow of colors that will accent your yard or just the garden. Do something new, something fun, something different to bring attention to your yard!
  • Terrazzo flooring: This flooring technique dates back to Michelangelo and the Renaissance. The fire glass can be used in an epoxy or sand cushion to create a sparkly marble design. The unique hues and durability of the product will allow you to create a floor that will last a life span.
  • Mosaic cement counter tops: Define your kitchen or outdoor room with your own personal designed counter top. The fire glass adds color and variety at a customizable level. The glass will add a depth dimension to your concept; you can even add lighting underneath the glass for an unattainable look with traditional granite material.