Fire Glass Basics

The Beauty of Fire Glass

There are many different sizes, colors and types of Fire Glass that we have one that will be perfect for your decor. Fire Glass is heat tempered glass that is processed through a tumbler to prevent rough or cutting edges. It will not melt, degrade or emit toxic fumes and will last a lifetime! Some types of fire glass are made from recycled post-consumer glass bottles, window scraps and furnace cleanouts.

Types of Fire Glass

AirFire Glass Size Options

We offer small, medium and large fire glass options ranging from 1/4"-2" pieces. The size of the glass is up to you and how you want to display the glass!

  • Small Fire Glass - 1/4": The industry standard size. Allows the flames to flow under and around the fire glass, creating a liquid fire look. Choose one color or mix and match to create your own custom color combinations. This smaller type of glass can be used as filler or as the main display. Made of color infused 1/4" tempered glass that is broken and then tumbled to remove sharp edges. Available with both standard and accent colors.
  • Medium Fire Glass - 1/2": Half-inch glass is the perfect addition to your fire display. Medium glass can be used by itself or as a covering over 1/4" fire glass or crushed lava rock. This glass is created from 1/2" thick tempered glass with infused color. Medium fire glass looks great in a large fire pit where as 1/4" fire glass can look to fragile in a large fire pit.
  • Large Fire Glass - 1"-2": This glass is the largest we carry and looks like glass rocks. This type of fire glass works best as accent pieces to your fireplace or fire pit but can be used by itself. As large fire glass doesn't hold gas below its surface like smaller glass does, you will have a less variable flame when using large glass. This glass is tumbled to remove sharp edges and is made from color infused tempered glass.

AirAccent Fire Glass

This fire glass will add an extra burst of color compared to our regular fire glass. This glass is recommended to be added on top of the regular glass to create a dynamic look at a lower price. Mix and match colors to create your own design and add your personal flair to your outdoor decor or indoor fireplace. This fire glass is made from the highest quality of glass. It is created by melting color-infused, non-tempered glass into large bricks and then non-uniform pieces are chipped off using a grinder. Those pieces are then tumbled to remove the sharp edges making them safe to touch. This glass will not melt, degrade or emit toxic fumes. Our accent glass comes in a variety of colors for you to accent your fire with!

AirReflective Fire Glass

If you are looking for an even more dynamic flame display then reflective fire glass could fit your needs. Reflective fire glass amplifies the intensity of the fire by reflecting the light of the flames. During the day the glass continues ti shine as it catches the light of the sun. Reflective fire glass is made from the same color infused tempered glass as our accent fire glass. However, reflective fire glass has been vigorously polished to give it a mirror like finish. It will not melt, degrade, emit toxic fumes and does not create soot, ash or smoke.

AirSmooth Fire Glass

Smooth fire glass resembles flattened marbles or a jelly beans. This fire glass is made of smaller and irregularly sized tempered glass pieces. Smooth fire glass is color infused and has a fairly translucent finish to them. Smooth fire glass creates a less porous surface than even our 1/4" fire glass. This means that the flames will flow under and around the smooth fire glass creating an even greater look of liquid fire. Smooth fire glass will not melt, degrade or emit toxic fumes. Nor will it create soot, ash or smoke.

AirFire Balls, Shapes, and Stones

These shapes offer a modern twist on nature; these balls, shapes and stones are an artistic alternative to ordinary ceramic logs. Whether you choose geometric shapes or natural looking stones, you are sure to turn your fireplace into a piece of art! These fireplace alternatives are made from high-heat resistant ceramic and come in many different sizes and colors. They work great by themselves or can be place onto a bed of fire glass to create an entirely new look.