Steel Fireback for Grate Wall of Fire
Item#: 1220014

We offer this unique fireback to accompany the innovative Grate Wall of Fire fireplace grate. These heavy-duty firebacks provide protection to fireplaces with compromised masonry integrity commonly seen on the lower portion of the back wall. They can also be used to protect metal fireplaces from the possibility of warping. All firebacks are constructed of solid 3/8 in. plate steel; each is fully self-supporting and requires no fireplace modifications.

Please note: Using these firebacks with Grate Wall of Fire grates will increase the overall width of the unit by two inches. Your fireplace back wall must be at least as wide as the fireback width. Please see chart below for sizing information.

ModelFits Grate ModelsFireback Dimensions
F-4S-4 / M-4 / T-418" wide 10" high
F-5S-5 / M-5 / T-523" wide 10" high
F-6S-6 / M-6 / T-628" wide 10" high
F-7S-7 / M-7 / T-733" wide 10" high


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