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Hearth Country Premium Ash Vacuum
Item#: 2640001

The Hearth Country Ash-Vac is brought to you from the same manufacturer that makes the industry leading tri-motor professional chimney sweep vacuum. The Hearth Country Ash-Vac is made with the quality, detail and features you expect from a leading manufacturer.

The Hearth Country Ash Vacuum is a Last Stage cleaner. It should be used to remove the ash dust left over after the fireplace has been cleared with a shovel.

The built- in, shake off filter clears any ash build up without removing the lid. To operate the filter: turn off the vacuum; shake the agitator tube to release the build-up and then turn the vacuum back on to continue cleaning.

Home based ash-vacs should not be used to pick up hot/warm embers. Even though the Hearth Country Ash-Vac does have multiple design features to minimize embers from damaging the unit, use the Hearth Country Ash-Vac to pick up cold ash only. The hose is made of a light-weight metal alloy. A brush and angled nozzle make vacuuming easy in any fireplace or stove. The Soot Stop pre-filter is a removable fine mesh sleeve that protects the inner HEPA filter. It can be simply shaken out, or washed with water. This is particularly useful in pellet stove applications. The bottom of the canister has a dual-wall sub floor keeping the outer canister cool. Ash enters the vacuum through the top of the unit minimizing the effect previously removed ash has on the suction power of the unit.

Also, unique to the Hearth Country Ash-Vac is a center weighted comfortable hand grip and specially insulated 80db quiet motor.

Don't damage your shop-vac or home vacuum when attempting to clean out your fireplace or pellet stove. Get the easy, quiet, ergonomically comfortable Hearth Country Ash-Vac.

The Hearth Country Ash Vac now comes with a Pellet Stove Attachment Kit, normally sold separately!


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