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Black Leather Hearth Gloves
Item#: 1155329

Protect your fingers from hearthside temperatures with the Black Leather Hearth Gloves. Curated from thick, black leather and formed to measure thirteen inches in length, these gloves will fit most hand sizes.


  • Offers protection for hands close to a fire
  • Curated leather construction provides long-lasting durability
  • 13” in length
  • Proudly made in the United States
  • Ten Year Limited Warranty

The number one priority when it comes to tending your fire is safety. These gloves are just one of the many accessories that can help to keep your fire inside your fire box, and away from pets, property, and children—and just for an added peace of mind, they are guaranteed with a 10 Year Limited Warranty, to protect not only your hands, but your pocket book as well.


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