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Grate Wall of Fire
Item#: 5300001

One of the most innovative fireplace grates ever - made right here in the USA! These unusual grates will change the way you feel about your wood burning fireplace - just take a look at the following benefits of our amazing Grate Wall of Fire!


  • Smoke is virtually eliminated!
  • Offers a dramatic reduction of wood consumption and pesky "spark popping fires"
  • Available in a wide range of sizes - the S (short) Models are ideal for a zero-clearance fireplace, M (medium) Models are ideal for average sized fireplaces, T (tall) Models are perfect for Rumford fireplaces.
  • Patented vertical ember chamber that radiates heat from the hearth
  • Decorative ornament options available

There is no more risk of a burning log rolling out of the fireplace. When the logs are completely burned, they leave a nice, neat pile of ashes. The narrow column of embers is held at the rear of the fireplace - this is why the fire never accelerates as wildly as fires do in conventional grates. When burning in the Grate Wall of Fire, the wood burns completely without fire-tending in a gravitational, nearly automated fashion, resulting in a steady, heat-efficient fire. After the coal bed is achieved (about an hour or two of burning), only one log an hour will keep a great, cozy fire burning away!

Please Note: Protect the back wall of your fireplace if you are planning on using the Grate Wall of Fire grate in a pre-fabricated, zero clearance, or metal fireplace. The ideal clearance height for the grates is to have 10" or more of space between the top of the grate and the top of the fireplace opening. Please do not use the Grate Wall of Fire product in any fireplace that is in need of repair, or one that does not meet current local building codes. If your fireplace's integrity is in question, consult a professional mason or chimney sweep before purchasing any Grate Wall of Fire product.


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