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Fireplace Heater for Gas Fireplace
Item#: 1255049

Designed for gas fireplaces, the Fireplace Heater for Gas Fireplace is the perfect companion for any fireplace enclosure. It reduces your heating costs by distributing more heat throughout the room. It also allows you to receive the full benefit from your fireplace.


  • Fits fireplaces larger than 20"wide x 17" Deep
  • 60 CFM variable speed blower included
  • Thermostatic control for convenience

Specifically designed for placement inside your fireplace, the Fireplace Heater for Gas Fireplace generates 25,000 BTU's of heat per hour while hidden neatly behind your fireplace glass enclosure. The variable speed blower is equipped with a thermostat control that turns on automatically at 110F and off at 90F. Motors on the left hand side of grate are available to accommodate your electrical outlet location.

The Fireplace Heater for Gas Fireplace is simple to order. Measure the fireplace width in back and the depth to determine which model best suits your needs. The dimensions of the Fireplace Heater for Gas Fireplace need to be less than the fireplace dimensions. All units come with a front grill 1 3/8" high and 29 1/4" to 51 1/4" wide. Its glass door will sit on top of front rail and will be elevated 1 3/8". If your door is an inside fit, you must have 1" extra depth to accommodate the depth of this unit.


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