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Wood Burning Fireplace Heater - Large
Item#: 2620003

The Wood Burning Fireplace Heater - Large has the largest wood burning area of any fireplace blower system. Your fireplace can now have a heater system installed without sacrificing your burning display.


  • Front and rear log guards
  • Heat shielded blower unit
  • Used to supplement traditional heating systems

The Wood Burning Fireplace Heater - Large has a full-sized grate to hold a large display of wood. It features both a front and rear log guard, as well as a heat shielded blower unit.

Once your fire is lit, the unit is activated by a heat sensor. The fireplace blower works by pulling in cold air from your home and forcing it through the grate that holds the fire. The cold air heats up as it is pushed through the grate before it's pumped back into your home. You can see a significant drop in your heating bills when utilizing this heater unit to supplement your traditional heating system.

The blower motor can switch sides to accommodate a left hand or right hand electrical power source. Please note that this item is not returnable once burned on.


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