Kids Small-Edge - Adhesive Corners 12' Rolls
Item#: 2200070

This 12' Kids' Edge Cushion Roll in Poly Bag is perfect for any family that has kids.

This cushion comes in a roll so that you can protect your children from the sharp edges of kitchen counters, cabinets, and other furniture.
You will enjoy the ability of this cushion to match your home's decor as well provide that extra measure of safety that every parent or grandparent is looking for.

This cushion is soft to the touch yet durable and easy to clean. This set comes with furniture safe, self-adhesive tape that will keep your cushion gently in place throughout the years. You can easily remove the cushion once your children no longer show the need for its use.

Bring that peace of mind to your home with this easy to install cushion and you will rest easier knowing that your have provided yet one more element of protection for your precious children.

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