Kids Small-Edge - Adhesive Corners 4pk
Item#: 2200080

Are you tired of having the corners of your countertops and furniture banged up? Does it seem like every time you turn around your child has a bump or bruise from the corner of your furniture?

Well take care of that unpleasantness by placing the 4 Kids' Edge Corner Cushion in Poly Bag on those sharp edges. You will enjoy the ability to choose these colored corners to cushion and match your décor needs. These cushions are soft to the touch yet durable and dependable as well as being quickly cleaned using rubbing alcohol. It is easily installed with furniture-friendly self-adhesive tape.

Install quickly and you will begin to experience less frustration when it comes to those silly little bangs and dents that used to occur on your sharp edges. Your children will thank you when they begin to notice less bumps and bruises too.

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