Veranda 4 ft Firewood Rack Cover
Item#: 2040090

After spending time and money on getting a good supply of firewood for the season, you will want to keep that firewood dry and ready to use. The Veranda 4 ft Log Rack Cover is the perfect tool for keeping your firewood in the perfect condition to use at a moment's notice.

This cover is has easy access to your stored wood and a great durable construction that will last for years. The entire front opens up for easy loading and removal of your firewood. You can use the rip-and-grip tabs and the click close buckles to help you to easily open and close your cover. These features make getting the firewood a lot easier than struggling with frustrating zippers and folded over covers and tarps.

There are air vents in this cover that reduce inside condensation and wind lofting so you won't have to worry about your stored wood molding and rotting away before you have a chance to use it. The specially designed padded handles make it easy to fit the cover over your woodpile and remove it when you need to get to the wood pile. There is also a rear elastic hem cord with a toggle that allows adjustment of the cover for a tight and custom fit that can't be matched by plain old tarps. The attractive fabric top with protective water repellent and resistant PVC under coating will not be an eye-sore for your neighbors or arriving guests. These features also give you maximum protection against the elements. You will appreciate the three year warranty that comes with this 4ft log rack cover.


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