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Napoleon NZ26 Steel Wood Burning Fireplace
Item#: 3550799

The Napoleon NZ26 Steel Wood Burning Fireplace hosts a fireplace scene that has options to match any décor style that you may have! Eliminate the hassle of revolving your paint and fabric colors around the fireplace, and choose a fireplace that will fit in with your current style! The heavy duty steel construction gives the fireplace a great deal of durability that ensures years of warm fires for you and your family. It's firebox frame is a black steel color that is beautifully accented by choosing from the 6 door style options & 4 louver options. The swing-open door hosts a high temperature ceramic glass that is cushioned in a fiberglass airtight steel frame.


  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Single swing-open door
  • 6 door style & 4 louver options
  • Ceramic baffle & cast iron grate
  • Stainless steel air tubes & air wash system

Warm up a cold evening with this smooth wood burning fireplace that can have an arched door or a webbed arched door to perfectly compliment your style. Both styles of doors have the options of a painted black, satin chrome finish, or 24k gold plated door color that will best compliment the surrounding décor of the room it will be placed in. The fireplace is efficiently constructed with a ceramic baffle for rapid heat and four stainless steel secondary air tubes that generate a fascinating display of dancing flames.

The component has an air wash system that is insulated with ceramic fiber and a stainless steel cover plate that eliminates deterioration and promotes a clean viewing glass. The cast iron grate & king-size ash pan ensure durability and efficiency, while the air control chamber eliminates negative pressure problems. Working to keep your experience as safe as possible, the fireplace's solid construction is able to host high temperature flames that do not destroy the box or the glass door. Pre-installed for your convenience, the variable speed switch & heat sensor are ready to accept an optional blower that some users may wish to install separately. Warm up a cold winter evening or give your next event an elegant glow with this magnificent accent piece.


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