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Springs Blocks Medium Coffee Rug
Item#: 2230650

The Springs Blocks Medium Coffee Rug will fit nicely in any outdoor or indoor traffic area.

The rug is perfect for porches, verandas or busy areas of the house. Cleaning is a breeze with this durable rug, spills wipe away with damp cloth and warm water. For heavier soiled areas, you can wash with a water hose. You must allow the rug to dry fully from top and bottom before using again. There is no fringe on this rug so you won't have to worry about your guests tripping on the rug. This rug is also sunlight resistant; fade resistant; non-allergenic. The rug boast of being excellent quality for high traffic areas.

Place this rug in your high traffic areas and you will enjoy the dependability and durability of this rug.


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