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White Willow Outdoor Mat - 4' x 6'
Item#: 2680033

The uniquely woven White Willow Outdoor Mat – 4’ x 6’ is a testament to durability and long-lasting patio protection. Don’t leave the condition of your deck to chance – this outdoor mat is designed to stay in one place, no matter the weather.


  • 3 x 3 vinyl strips weave pattern
  • Solution dyed for long lasting color
  • Edged with exterior-grade fabric
  • Commercial grade non-slip backing
  • Versatile & durable

Unlike ordinary mats, the White Willow is bonded with a flexible commercial grade non-slip backing, ensuring that your mat stays in place when dry, wet, or frozen. Soak up the sun and all its heat, protecting the boards of your deck and the bare feet of summer.


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