Rasmussen Enhanced Tipi/Andiron Propane Vented Burner System
Item#: 3200896

The Rasmussen Enhanced Tipi/Andiron Propane Vented Burner System is designed with narrow and tall fireplaces in mind. This burner system can be used in narrow-back Kiva and Rumford fireplaces with tall or short tipi log arrangements, or with andirons. This enhanced system has an additional, larger front burner element to provide more front flame.

This vented burner system operations on propane with a heat output of 80,000 BTUs. There are five burner sizes for you to choose from to fit your fireplace perfectly! Each system comes complete with:

  • Black volcanic ash
  • Ember Magic
  • Connector kit
  • Damper clamp

The Manual Safety Pilot lighting method features an included pilot valve assembly you install on your burner. You then have a pilot light that you can keep lit giving you the ability to turn the log set on and off as many times as you want without ever holding a match to the burner. The safety pilot kit has a safety mechanism built in which senses if the pilot light ever goes out and shuts off the gas supply.


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