Rasmussen Tipi/Andiron Vanisher Vented Burner
Item#: 3204759

The Rasmussen Tipi/Andiron Vanisher Vented Burner is designed with narrow and tall fireplaces in mind. With the Valve Vanisher design it also raises the burner by 2 5/8", but eliminate the big black box that holds the ignition. This burner system can be used in narrow-back Kiva and Rumford fireplaces with tall or short tipi log arrangements.

Valve Vanisher Features:

  • Eliminates the off-centering or downsizing of the log set
  • Heat sensitive controls now located in a cooler zone
  • Raises burner by 2 5/8" creating a false floor underneath
  • Factory assembled and tested

This burner can run on natural gas or propane and is available in many sizes to meet your needs. Each system comes complete with: burner, sand (natural gas) or volcanic ash (propane), ember magic, connector kit, damper clamp, and instructions.

The Electronic Ignition System is battery powered and uses a variable flame remote transmitter, allowing you to control the flame height of your fire. The Vanisher design has expertly located the valve and control module on the right/left sides of the unit so it is in the path of cool air and does not overheat.


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