Empire Loft Vent Free Zero-Clearance Fireplace
Item#: 3510030

The Empire Loft Vent Free Zero-Clearance Fireplace is a versatile unit that installs as a zero-clearance or as an insert in an existing fireplace. With an 18" burner it is rated at a 20,000 BTU input with 99% efficiency! This unit is sure to quickly warm your living space and grab your attention.

With this burner you can choose from a millivolt or intermittent pilot control. You can also select a decorative front to complete the look! We offer a tempered glass or metal frame decorative front, which is required for in-wall installations and a louver, glass, frame decorative front for insert installations.

At 99.9% efficient, your Loft Vent Free Fireplace makes a great supplemental heat source for you home. Every burner includes a built-in Oxygen Depletion Sensor that continuously monitors room air and shuts off gas to the system well before oxygen drops to an unsafe level.


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