Kentfield Oval Wood Basket - Pewter
Item#: 1155299

Keep wood close at hand with the Kentfield Oval Wood Basket - Pewter. Providing fresh firewood at no further than an arm’s reach, this unit nestles right alongside your fireplace for an ergonomic, aesthetically pleasing decor.


  • Dimensions: 21"L
  • Hand forged
  • Crafted from welded steel
  • Ten Year Limited Warranty
  • Handsome, rustic design

Indoor wood holders help to keep the fire stoked and the flames rolling by offering a place to store fresh firewood, without having to leave your fireside. This product has been hand crafted with an artisan’s attention to detail for a rugged, domestic design. And with a ten year limited warranty, you can rest assured that your wood rack has been finished with the long-term in mind.


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