Lightning Nuggets Fire Starters
Item#: 5690001

Lightning Nugget Firestarters are the answer to one step no-hassle fire building. Comprised of one of nature's by-products, pitchwood, this unique product is top of the line in quality, safety and convenience. Free from any harmful chemicals, Lightning Nugget Firestarters are safe for use in any wood burning appliance and leave no residue. Eliminates messy liquids and gels, with no more guessing about how much to use. Once you have experienced the ease and effectiveness of these firestarters you'll love making a fire!

Lightning Nugget Firestarters have an unlimited shelf life and each Nugget is GUARANTEED to light easily and burn strong for 15 minutes. Purchase the charming Gift Box to give as a perfect housewarming gift, or stock up with our Value Box!

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