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Lighthouse Jute Braided Log Carrier
Item#: 4370001

Transport your firewood from the outside in style with the Lighthouse Jute Braided Log Carrier. These braided log carriers are made from 100% jute fiber, a bamboo-like reed that is cultivated seasonally around the world. This naturally renewable resource fiber has been used for centuries because of its durability and versatile nature. Jute dates back to the very beginning of rug weaving, its simple longevity proving a quality that is matched by few in the market.


  • Simple to clean with mild soap and water
  • Water gathers on the surface, preventing rain damage
  • Eco-friendly

You'll recognize numerous benefits in the Lighthouse Jute Braided Log Carrier, from its decorative design to its quality of composition. With its decorative lighthouse facade, this log carrier is perfect for any lighthouse enthusiast or nautical themed room. Additionally, it's both fire safe and water resistant, making it a beautiful and safe choice for your home.


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