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Mason-Lite 4" Combustion Air Kit
Item#: 46600092

The Mason-Lite 4" Combustion Air Kit will provide enough replacement air in order for your masonry fireplace to function properly. The kit will also meet some local building codes that may require outside combustion air to be provided. If no replacement air is provided to the fireplace, improper flue drafting may occur, creating negative pressure whereby smoke may enter the home, especially in homes that are very well insulated and tightly sealed.


  • Designed for 4" diameter
  • 3' flexible vent included
  • Plastic hood included for installation

The Mason-Lite 4" Combustion Air Kit will install through the side wall opening provided. A 4” diameter hole will also be required through the firebrick side lining. The tubing that goes out of the firebox wall must feed into a flexible metal conduit as the source for outside combustible air. It can go straight out through an outside wall or into a ventilated crawl space. If crawl space is used, check codes for proper termination.


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