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EcoSmart Fire Bulb Outdoor Ethanol Fireplace
Item#: 3590099

Transform your outdoor space with the EcoSmart Fire Bulb Outdoor Ethanol Fireplace. Stylish and unique, this unit combines the raw element of fire with organic-inspired design, brought to life within a contemporary steel wire frame. The EcoSmart Fire Bulb is fully portable and illuminates and inspires any indoor or outdoor space.


  • Holds .7 gallons of fuel
  • Heat out put of 5,800 BTUs
  • Burn time of 8 hours
  • Includes jerry can, lighter with lighting rod

The curvaceous design complements modern landscaped garden environments with grace and ease. The Bulb creates a clean dancing flame for over 8 hours, with no mess, no fuss. Constructed of weather resistant powder coated steel with a chrome finish it offers a sleek look!

This unit is fueled by Denatured Ethanol, an energy efficient, renewable bio-fuel. The clean burning nature of ethanol means that the Burner does not require a flue to remove toxins, making installation a breeze.


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