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EcoSmart Fire Lantern Outdoor Ethanol Fireplace
Item#: 3590102

The EcoSmart Fire Lantern Outdoor Ethanol Fireplace is a stylish addition to any alfresco party. The abstract cut-out pattern creates a dramatic flickering fire!


  • Holds .7 gallons of fuel
  • Heat output of 5,800 BTUs
  • Burn time of 8 hours
  • Includes jerry can, lighter with lighting rod

The Lantern is designed for indoor and outdoor use, and is suitable in both residential and commercial settings. The Lantern can be turned on and off as desired using the accompanying lid which extinguishes the flame once put into position.

This unit comes fully assembled, ready to be placed where you wish, and are operational immediately. There are no installation or building works required. Ideal for apartment owners where space is limited and popular with tenants who would like ambient heat that moves when they do.

This unit is fueled by Denatured Ethanol, an energy efficient, renewable bio-fuel. The clean burning nature of ethanol means that the Burner does not require a flue to remove toxins, making installation a breeze.


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