Ovation II Arch Deco - With Center Bar Outside Fireplace Glass Door
Item#: 1730048

Outside fireplaces are becoming extremely popular, and our screen/door products will help you refine the look of your fireplace with extraordinarily fine workmanship. The OVATION II is constructed using 3/16" steel coated with non-corrosive material. Doors are flush with frame and precision hinges enable the doors to glide smooth as silk. Truly a beautiful addition to refine your fireplace. Quality at it's best! And the Arch Deco with Center Bar has a refined and dignified look that will receive much admiration.

Enhance the overall appearance even further with several beautiful choices for making the style fit your unique taste.

  • Choose from 5 frame finishes: Stainless Steel, Textured Iron, Textured Black, Cordovan, or Oregon Green
  • Make the door trim match the frame or choose another of the 5 finishes to add a contrast, then choose if you want the standard look or the hammered look for your door treatment
  • There are 3 choices for your draft panel: the traditional flat Panaview, the U-groove Insight or the small criss-cross pattern of the Vantage
  • The glass has 4 basic color choices: clear, black, bronze or smoke in either standard glass or beveled
  • You may also choose either a full fold door or a cabinet style door with or without a mesh screen backup
  • Please call our helpful representatives at 1-800-919-1904 for knowledgeable assistance in placing your order.


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