Ovation II Victorian Outside Fireplace Glass Door
Item#: 1730053

Outside fireplaces are becoming extremely popular, and our screen/door products will help you refine the look of your fireplace with extraordinarily fine workmanship. The OVATION II is constructed using 3/16" steel coated with non-corrosive material. Doors are flush with frame and precision hinges enable the doors to glide smooth as silk. Truly a beautiful addition to refine your fireplace. Quality at it's best! The Victorian has a vintage look that is not only very attractive but dignified and will speak of your impeccable taste.

Enhance the overall appearance even further with several beautiful choices for making the style fit your unique taste.

  • Choose from 5 frame finishes: Stainless Steel, Textured Iron, Textured Black, Cordovan, or Oregon Green
  • Make the door trim match the frame or choose another of the 5 finishes to add a contrast, then choose if you want the standard look or the hammered look for your door treatment
  • There are 3 choices for your draft panel: the traditional flat Panaview, the U-groove Insight or the small criss-cross pattern of the Vantage
  • The glass has 4 basic color choices: clear, black, bronze or smoke in either standard glass or beveled
  • You may also choose either a full fold door or a cabinet style door with or without a mesh screen backup
  • Please call our helpful representatives at 1-800-919-1904 for knowledgeable assistance in placing your order.


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