18" Wheel - For the Mingo Marker
Item#: 1430002

The MingoIf you’re looking for a tool to help you evenly cut your firewood, look no further – the innovative new Mingo Firewood Marker is the tool for the job. You’ll not find another product like it – made of Lexan, the same durable material used in aircraft windshields, the Mingo is lightweight, easy-to-use, and built to last. Simply insert a standard can of surveyor’s paint, available at most hardware stores, and roll it along any surface (great for firewood, construction, and 101 other jobs!) The hand-held Mingo will mark lengths of your choice of 14”, 16”, or 18”, making it easy to cut wood (even snow-covered logs) into even lengths for safe stacking and efficient burning. One can of surveyor’s paint will mark up to 75 cord of wood. Makes a great gift!

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