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HY-C Black Firewood Rack
Item#: 1541076

Have you ever had a problem with damp wood catching fire? Or if you do finally get it started, is it extremely smoky and practically unbearable? The Black Log Rack may be exactly what you’re looking for!

The 4ft Firewood Rack is not only practical, but also extremely affordable! This wood rack will allow you to not only clean up the eye-sore in your backyard, but it will help your fires start easier and burn cleaner! The 45" rack will do this by elevating the wood off the ground and allowing fresh air to properly dry out the wet, damp firewood. A perfect length for most any homeowner looking to enjoy the occasional fire, this firewood rack boasts a sleek, black finish that allows you to stack your firewood in most any location about the yard.

If you’re looking to hold firewood in areas that are often effected by snow and rain, considering adding on the full cover to give added shelter and protection.

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