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Woodchuck Quad-Function Tool
Item#: 4100004

With the Woodchuck Quad-Function Tool, you'll have access to four tools rolled into one, increasing your productivity and versatility while working with wood. The Woodchuck Quad has the capability to act as a log holder, log lifter, log roller and post remover. Additionally, its patented utility design can change from tool to tool in mere seconds.


  • Ease of use
  • Self adjusts to log diameter
  • Lifts logs up to 20"
  • Made entirely in the USA

The Woodchuck Quad-Function Tool is designed with quality and reliability in mind. The 45" solid handle and feet are made from aluminum, while the laminated hook and toe support are powder coated steel. This tool comes complete with chain, delta ring and a snap on stabilizer foot for muddy or uneven terrain.


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