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Fire Pit Ceramic Gas Log Set
Item#: 3360220

Designed for durability, the Fire Pit Ceramic Gas Log Set is a molded for use outdoors and in the elements. With a rich, darkly tinted bark, the vented ceramic log set looks just like real oak burning in your fireplace.


  • Works with vented gas system
  • Comes with side-inlet stainless steel burner
  • OMNI approved
  • Includes 65-75lbs of lava rock, depending on log size

Before distribution, these logs undergo a unique seven-step coloring process and mold-making method that leaves them looking consistently natural. This log set is designed for fire pit use.

Please note: Size is based on the finished set-up of the logs in the fire pit. After set-up, the entire display of the logs will total 24" diameter. There are no logs in this kit that measure 24". This reasoning holds true for each size fire pit kit.


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