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Tjernlund Radon Booster Fan
Item#: 2560119

The Tjernlund Radon Booster Fan offers an effective and affordable way to protect your home and family and reduce radon levels in existing homes. Utilizing an existing exhaust stack, the unit will improve the performance of the current, passive installation.


  • Economical
  • Simple mitigation fan
  • Installs in five minutes
  • Protects your family
  • Improves existing passive stacks

The Tjernlund Radon Booster Fan is an effective and affordable solution to properly protect your home from radon gases. Simply install the fan into the existing passive exhaust stack.

When you install the Tjernlund Radon Booster Fan, you will see an instant performance boost for venting these harmful radon gases. This unit takes around five minutes to install and works with vertical exhaust systems only.


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