Rasmussen FireBall Uniform Refractory Ceramic Set
Item#: 3200359

This Rasmussen FireBall Uniform Refractory Ceramic Set is a beautiful, contemporary alternative to replace traditional gas logs. These 4" balls come in eight different colors for you to choose from.

These sets are finished with an inorganic, environmentally-friendly ceramic stain coloration that is hand painted onto each piece. Ceramic stain produces a transparent, non-uniform appearance as it absorbs into the material rather than merely covering the surface of the item like paint. This finish will not burn in the fire, but will age gracefully.

You can use these sets with a single or double face fireplace. Depending of the size of your burner will determine how many pieces you will need.Set Size:

  • 18" = 20 pieces
  • 24" = 32 pieces
  • 27" = 50 pieces
  • 30" = 38 pieces
  • 33" = 70 pieces
  • 36" = 80 pieces
  • 42" = 90 pieces
  • 48" = 100 pieces
  • 54" = 120 pieces
  • 60" = 130 pieces

Please Note: The appearance of the FireBall's will change significantly in as little as one burn. Carbon buildup or "sooting" occurs with all gas burners, but can appear more significant on the lighter color options of the FireBall Refractory Ceramic Set.


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