Chalet Fireplace Glass Door
Item#: 1259274

The design simplicity and flat black coloring of the Chalet enclosure accentuate the beauty and appeal of flickering flames and glowing embers in any family gathering area.


  • Black masonry fireplace door
  • Tempered - 1/4" thick bronze glass
  • Clearview twin doors on front
  • Twin Doors open a full 180 degrees

This fireplace enclosure is crafted of anodized aluminum and has 2-3/4” top and side panels and an 11/16” bottom panel. The clearview twin doors with ¼-inch tempered bronze colored glass open a full 180 degrees.

There are several different mesh options available for the Chalet door that is designed out of 1/8" flattened, expanded 25 gauge steel mesh, or heavy 19 gauge mesh curtain for protecting your family and hearth area from burning sparks and rolling logs.

You will enjoy the style and design that this great enclosure brings to your family's favorite relaxing area along with the protection that is provided by the mesh screen or mesh curtain.


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