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27" Cradle Fireplace Grate
Item#: 1511026

This 27" Self-Feeding Cradle Fireplace Grate is the perfect Fireplace Grate if you’re looking for efficiency as well as versatility! This fireplace grate is multifunctional and allows you to get the most direct heat from your fireplace

This grate has three main functions:
  • Cradle – Gravity naturally feeds the fire, continually lowers the burning logs to the center of the grate, forming an ember bed
    • The advantage of this position is that the fire will naturally feed itself with un-burnt wood
  • Back – Acts as a fireback, radiating more heat from the fire, while exposing the natural look of the fire
  • Front – Allows you to build a much larger fire, while keeping the logs from tumbling out

The versitility does not cease. By adjusting the high side to the front, this allows for larger and longer bruning fires and it will keep fire and smoke inside the fireplace keeping you and your family cozy and safe.


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