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Grate Wall of Fire Tall Rumford Grate
Item#: 5300008

From the leading provider in self feeding fireplace grates comes the Grate Wall of Fire Tall Rumford Grate.


  • Patented vertical ember chamber radiates heat from the hearth
  • Made in the USA
  • Compatible with optional decorative ornaments
  • Eliminates smoke emissions in the hearth room
  • Designed specifically for Rumford style fireplaces

The Grate Wall of Fire Tall Rumford Grate is the essential piece to have in your Rumford style fireplace. Designed to fit a standard Rumford style fireplace with a 12” rear width or greater. This grates rounded shape allows for a heat to radiate in a wide radius, making sure that everyone in the room is able to feel the warmth of your fireplace. The Grate Wall of Fire Tall Rumford Grate is a self-feeding grate which eliminates trips back and forth shifting wood allowing for a safe no hassle fire.

Please Note: Protect the back wall of your fireplace if you are planning on using the Grate Wall of Fire grate in a pre-fabricated, zero clearance, or metal fireplace. The ideal clearance height for the grates is to have 10" or more of space between the top of the grate and the top of the fireplace opening. Please do not use the Grate Wall of Fire product in any fireplace that is in need of repair, or one that does not meet current local building codes. If your fireplace's integrity is in question, consult a professional mason or chimney sweep before purchasing any Grate Wall of Fire product.


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