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Fireplace Blocker Blanket
Item#: 2650005

Reduce heat and energy loss with this Fireplace Blocker Blanket, an exclusive with Woodland Direct! Place this fireproof blanket over the outside of your fireplace screen when only embers are burning, leaving the flue open, and you'll keep the heat inside your house - rather than sending the heat and your money right up the chimney.


  • Keeps the heat inside your house
  • Made of non-woven carbon fiber
  • Secures to screen magnetically
  • Reduces energy loss
  • Woodland Direct exclusive!

Made of non-woven carbon fiber, the Fireplace Blocker Blanket secures to your screen with magnets to keep the heat in your home! This product is intended to be used to reduce heat and energy loss through a fireplace with an open flue until the flue can be safely closed. This product should never be placed inside the opening to the fireplace, used with a closed fireplace flue, or used with a fireplace containing flames. This product should be attached to the outside of a fireplace screen once only embers remain in the fireplace, and the fireplace flue must remain open at all times while this product is in use. This product should not be used to extinguish a fire and should not be placed near a fireplace containing flames. This product is designed to be an energy saving device and is not designed or intended for use as a fire containment device.


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