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3 Fold Oversized Stove Fireplace Screen
Item#: 1261243

Do you have an extra wide fireplace that needs a special screen or a wood stove that you would like to keep your children and pets away from? Triple plated, the 3 Fold Oversized Stove Fireplace Screen is engineered to work for you!


  • Triple-plated stove or fireplace screen
  • Included bar spans width of screen, keeping sides in place
  • Classic black finish
  • Durable steel construction
  • Lightweight and easy to install

The rectangular shape of the 3 Fold Oversized Stove Fireplace Screen allows it to blend with its surroundings and lends itself stylistically with any other accessories you may display on your hearth. Because of its large size, there is an included attachable bar that spans the width of the screen, keeping the sides in place. The 3 equally-sized panels provide both safety and elegance for your home.


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