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Ashley Black Gel Fuel Fireplace
Item#: 1760077

Gel fuel fireplaces are a fantastic alternative to wood burning or even gas fireplaces. Since the gel fuel burns cleaner than even a candle, there’s no need for a chimney; what’s more, there’s no smoke, no soot, no odor, and no harmful fumes. All that’s left is a satisfied homeowner. Is it really that simple? Sure! By burning one to three cans of gel fuel (sold separately) at a time, you can adjust the size of your fire and enjoy a realistic-sounding crackle reminiscent of real burning wood. All you’ll need to get started is a long lighter or match! And while gel fuel fireplaces are primarily decorative, the burning gel fuel produces a modest 3000 BTU’s per hour, adding cozy warmth to an average room. Choose from an extensive line of quality fireplaces with a range of decorative styles – you’re sure to find the perfect one for you!

The Ashley is one of those pieces that seems to match anything, no matter what your décor. That’s probably why it’s such a customer favorite! Fluted columns are topped with double corbels that frame a bordered center panel and that support a generous mantel. The traditional design of the fireplace allows the firelight to really take center stage, reflecting off the trendy blackwash finish. When you light up to three cans of gel fuel behind the realistic concrete log set and fireplace screen, you’ll have a crackling, dancing fire in as little as thirty seconds. For a traditional accent with a versatile design, you can’t go wrong with the Ashley.

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