SkyTech 1410 On/Off Remote - 110V
Item#: 47400026

Bring simplicity into your life with the SkyTech 1410 On/Off Remote - 110V. This battery operated remote comes with a 110V AC plug-in receiver, so you won't have to worry about changing its batteries frequently.


  • 2-button ON/OFF handheld control
  • Receiver with 110V AC and 3-prong outlet and inlet
  • Receiver will learn up to two additional Skytech transmitters
  • Over 65,000 programmable security codes
  • Skytech batteries and wall clip included

The SkyTech 1410 On/Off Remote - 110V has been created with safety in mind. Because this remote has been designed with more than 65,000 security codes in place, you won't ever risk its interference with your other electronic devices. Additionally, the remote comes with a wall clip so that you'll be able to keep it away from pets and little hands.

This SkyTech 1410 On/Off Remote - 110V is compatible for use with gas fireplaces that have millivolt valves and electronic ignition systems. With its limited lifetime warranty, you'll enjoy the ease that this remote system brings you for many years to come.


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