SkyTech Skytouch Series SKY-5301 P Remote
Item#: 47400006

Enjoy the convenience of thermostatic control with the SkyTech Skytouch Series SKY-5301 P Remote. This battery operated unit has been designed to be programmable so that you can automate your gas set-up to turn on or off automatically according to your weekday or weekend routines.


  • Thermostatic control
  • Touch screen transmitter
  • Backlit LCD screen
  • Child safety lock out
  • Programmable (Weekday/Weekend)
  • Wall-mount docking station
  • Thermal and communication safety features

The SkyTech Skytouch Series SKY-5301 P Remote has been created with safety in mind. Because this remote has been designed with more than one million security codes in place, you won't ever risk its interference with your other electronic devices. It's built with special thermal and communication safety features designed to shut down the fireplace system in the event of dangerous conditions. Additionally, the child safety lock out feature has been included to prevent unwanted use, while the flame icon will alert you when the product is turned on.

This SkyTech Skytouch Series SKY-5301 P Remote is compatible for use with gas fireplaces that have millivolt valves and electronic ignition systems. With its limited lifetime warranty, you'll enjoy the ease that this remote system brings you for many years to come.


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