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Kodiak Charred Stack Vented Gas Log Set
Item#: 3480668

The Kodiak Charred Stack Vented Gas Log Set weaves huge charred logs and colorful split pieces into a beautiful fire that will fill larger fireplaces.


  • Log set sizes: 30", 36", 48" and 60"
  • Designed for Rumford style fireplaces
  • Add additional logs for taller design (Triple Stack Accessory Kit)

The double-stack burner system incorporates two fixed burners, a large ember burner in front, to create the generous ember bed of a big fire, and a larger, elevated main burner mounted above the massive 1" grate tines and behind the front logs, to give taller flames with more depth in the middle and upper areas of the set, where they are most desirable. The impressive result is a huge fire that effectively fills those fireplaces where a conventional gas log set would not do.


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