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Tjernlund Register Booster Fan - 12"
Item#: 2560071

Drop the Tjernlund Register Booster Fan - 12" into your existing register and simply plug it in. The unit will begin to assist the weak duct by drawing the warm or cool air desired into the room.


  • Boosts airflow through weak registers
  • Fits flush into the existing 4x10 register duct
  • Quiet, smooth operation
  • Low profile
  • Easy to install

The Tjernlund Register Booster Fan - 12" fits into an existing register duct and sits flush to the floor, creating a low profile and seamless install. This product also allows you the flexibility to paint the included register grill and match your room decor.

Use the Tjernlund Register Booster Fan - 12" in any register where you are experiencing weak airflow. This unit is designed to increase the flow of air being generated by the forced air system. This ultra-quiet fan is ideal where the duct work is not accessible for installing a booster fan. It will plug directly into a standard 115 VAC outlet and generate 75 CFM.


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