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Kingsman Zero-Clearance Vent Free Firebox
Item#: 3580450

Convert your living area into a warm, beautiful space with the Kingsman Zero-Clearance Vent Free Firebox! This vent free unit is sure to warm your home and family during colder winter months.


  • Millivolt valve burner
  • 30,000 BTUs per hour
  • Wall switch control
  • Framing unit: 33.125" W x 31" H x 13.75" D

This vent free firebox can easily be designed to match your home decor - choose from grill (louver) kits and an optional firebrick, surround with doors to create your own distinctive appearance. With no chimney system required this unit is easy to install and will instantly transform a room.

This unit is 99.9% efficient - using room air for combustion and exhausting to the room. The vent-free burner system has an oxygen depletion sensor pilot system, which shuts the burner system down if oxygen in the room falls below acceptable limits.


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