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Emberaire Fireplace Heater
Item#: 1401000

The Emberaire Fireplace Heater is extremely versatile, as it functions well with gas logs or wood. Use it while burning wood by simply laying the titanium alloy exchanger tube on your fireplace grate in the fire. The tube is designed to withstand intense temperatures and comes with a five year warranty.


  • Five year warranty
  • Makes your home more energy efficient
  • Designed to withstand intense temperatures

The Emberaire Fireplace Heater pulls in the cold air from your room, circulates it through the fireplace where it is heated, and then blows it back into your room. The system is competely enclosed so no smoke from your fireplace will be blown into your room. When using the Emberaire Fireplace Heater with a gas fireplace, simply use the tube as a replacement for your back gas log. This heater can be used with most glass doors.

How To Order: Measure the fireplace depth and width in back to determine which model best suits your needs. Heater dimensions only need to be less than the fireplace dimensions. All units come with a front grill 1 3/8" high and include a 42" black vent bar that can be cut to size. Its glass door will sit on top of front rail and will be elevated 1 3/8". If your door is an inside fit, you must have 1" extra depth to accomodate the depth of the heater. The Emberaire Fireplace Heater fits fireplaces larger than 25"wide x 18" deep.

Individual results may vary.


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