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BFC Royal Monarch Wood Burning Fireplace
Item#: 3560289

The BFC Royal Monarch Wood Burning Fireplace uses smart technology to create a high-efficiency, low-maintenance heat source for any room in your home! Its traditional styling fits right at home in a wide variety of settings.


  • 160 CFM adjustable forced-air system
  • Cast iron doors with ceramic glass
  • Gas knockouts for conversions
  • Heavy-duty lift up grate for cleaning

The BFC Royal Monarch Wood Burning Fireplace uses a balanced flow of outdoor air for optimal combustion, the PureEnergy Balance-Flue creates cleaner air both indoors and out, providing an efficient source of heat while using less firewood. This low maintenance, clean-burning technology eliminates the need for a catalytic combustor and the brushed black doors with ceramic glass eliminate heat loss while increasing heat transfer into the room. With traditional hearth brick, ash lip, large heavy duty grate and optional ornamental grille, the Royal Monarch offers your home the latest wood burning technology wrapped in traditional beauty.

This fireplace comes complete with a standard 160 cfm adjustable forced-air fan system that distributes a constant flow of warm room air. The fan and junction box come factory installed and pre-wired for easy connection. The hearth is lined with a classic brick pattern for easy ash clean up. The heavy duty lift-up grate makes ash removal simple, while the built-in ash lip keeps soot and cinders from spilling out of the fireplace.


  • 41.875" W x 35" h x 23" D (actual)
  • 43" W x 39.25" H x 24" D (framing)
  • 36" W x 21" H (fireplace opening)
  • 32.5" front width x 20.4375" rear width x 17.75" depth (hearth dimensions)


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